Photos taken on the job
Working the Overnight

This group of pictures was taken during an overnight shift; Sunday at midnight to Monday morning when Micha was still part time.

He had invited me to go with him to see the studio and to see how a DJ does what he does.

As far as I am concerned, he knew exactly what he was doing and loved every minute of it.

In the collage of photos above there are pictures from many different events associated with Micha's life as a D.J.
On The Air
These three thumbnail pictures are of a plaque I presented to WHWK in memory of Micha Lee. The middle photo features Jeffery A. and John D. Click each one to view the enlargement.
The inscription on the plaque, shown to the right, reads:

Presented to WHWK in memory of Micha Lee. 1997-1999

It hangs right in the WHWK studio.
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