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In order to build a mini memorial for your beloved son or daughter, certain basic information is required. The form below is provided as a  convenient way to prepare and send the information. Those fields with a (*) are for required information; other fields optional.
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You must have been a member for at least 3 months to qualify to have a Mini Memorial for your son/daughter.
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Cause of Death
Place of Burial
Location of Ashes (if cremated)
Brief description of child or poem (if desired)
* 2 Photos of child or 1 of child, 1 of parents.
Send photos as attachments in a separate e-mail to Maureen
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It is my pleasure to create this memorial for you, but please be patient while waiting for your page to be ready. I will send you a sample for your approval before posting to the GP web site.
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The Mini-Memorial for your son or daughter will not be added to the Grieving-Parents site if all required information is not received. (This includes letting me know if you intend to include any photos with your request.)

Your request will be acknowledged upon receipt;

however, if I include questions with that receipt and do not receive an answer within one week, you will have to resubmit your request for a Mini-Memorial.
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